Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where'd go?

After a brief pause, welcome back to the Burgundy Revolution. Before we get to our regularly scheduled Snyder bashing and #BlackMonday1026 hyping, I want to address this.

A lot of people have been asking what happened to @BurgundyRevo and our site, I wish I knew the whole story, but I can tell you what I do know.

First, keep in mind, none of us knew each other a few weeks ago. We were all brought together after the disastrous Lions loss. I started the @BoycottSnyder twitter handle, and then Steinberg coined "Burgundy Revolution" in his column. We adopted the title, and soon after, Kev purchased the domain and changed his twitter handle to @BurgundyRevo. Then we started meeting more people, like @RegionalCeleb, @SaveTheSkins, and lots of others who have since become lynchpins of the movement. This all happened over the course of one week. There was no way any of us could have guessed how fast it would take off, or how much of our time it would suddenly dominate.

For about a week, leading up to #BlackSunday1018, @BurgundyRevo had been telling me that he was thinking of "retiring" from the Revolution. He has a family, and a real job, and to be honest, he told me he missed them. I told him to take whatever time he needed, we'd hold the fort down.

The last time I heard from him was Sunday night. He told me he was getting out of the Twitter game. Since that email, he's not returned any emails, DMs, or anything. I understand the fatigue, but to cut off all correspondence seemed a bit extreme. Still, fine. Twitter can be time consuming and addictive, we all know that.

But I was very surprised to find the site down.

For those who've been on board form the beginning, you know that he and I wrote the stories on, along with @nickvl83. Discovering that I couldn't write any more stories, or login, or even view the site, was surprising. Moreso, I was disapointed that the stories I had written myself were also gone.

There are a few sites out there filling space bashing Snyder and covering the Burgundy Revolution, so it wasn't surprising to find a lot of conspiracy theories regarding his sudden disappearance. It's a fun conspiracy, and I understand where those people are coming from. Were I not "friends" with the person, I'd likely jump to similar conclusions.

The popular theories I've seen are lumped into 4 areas.
1. He honestly just wanted to take a break (I still believe this)
2. He was coerced by Snyder or an army of lawyers to pull the site down.
3. He was given "hush money" to go away.
4. He wanted to take a break, but isn't responding to queries because he likes the attention and enjoys being a martyr for the cause.

It doesn't really matter. Whatever the reason, he's gone, but we're still here. More importantly, Snyder is still here. Us sniping at each other and looking backwards does nothing to get this guy out of our lives. So personally, I'm going to take @BurgundyRevo at his word that he was just over it, thank him for the work he did, and keep moving forward.

It's time to move on to #BlackMonday1026 and work on ways to get Dan Snyder out for good. It's a new day for the Burgundy Revolution. Love the team,

If anybody has any questions about @BurgundyRevo or, leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer what I can. You can also email me at or find me on Twitter at


  1. Very strange, I'm willing to bet it was hush $$$. Don't worry, the Redskins Nation is behind you. I'm always supporting you and the goal we share.

    1. Fire Vinny
    2. Sell the Team Danny
    3. Become a feared team, not the joke of the NFL.

    We must hit Danny in the pocket. There is no other way. He is not a real fan. A real Redskins fan his age (same as my age) would be surrounded by the great players of the 80's and 90's, not banning them from the team.

    Go BrugandyRevolution.


  2. Thats one thing I think everyone should do, is Thank @burgundyrevo for the time and commitment he made. Without him #blacksunday1018 prob. would not of gotten as much hype as it did. Heck I know it wouldn't of gotten the hype. I'll never look at him as a fairweather fan, he laid the ground work for us to continue along the path of the Burgundy Revolution. @regionalceleb.....

  3. Agreed, he was (is?) not a fairweather fan. He's the real deal. I hope he comes back at some point.

  4. Hush money? Where do I get some of that?