Thursday, November 12, 2009

At the Denver game: Boycott Snyder Balloon Party

Free speech is history at FedEx Field. Dan Snyder has taken almost every measure imaginable to ensure that you will not be able to bring a sign into the games. @FireSnyder tried to get a fund going to buy a bunch of Boycott Snyder balloons, (picture at right is just an artists' rendering), but we weren't able to collect enough cash to make a serious buy.

So I got to thinking - why don't we just make our own? The best signs are home-made. Balloons are cheap, and available at any supermarket or drugstore. So here's the rundown:

1. Buy a bunch of balloons
2. At home, inflate (but don't tie) them, and write your message to Danny on the balloons with a marker
3. While tailgating on Sunday, hand out deflated balloons to your friends - one each.
4. Sneak your balloon in. This should be very easy. Just put it in your pocket or something.
5. At the beginning of the second quarter, quickly inflate and tie your balloon, then bat it down towards the field.
5. The game will be disrupted (and TV won't miss) the Boycott Snyder Balloon Party!

The Revolution WILL be televised!!