Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black Monday: 10/26

Last Sunday, the Chiefs came to town and punted their way to victory before a half-empty FedEx Field crowd. You may have seen the thinned ranks of fans on TV. The low attendance (my guess, a record-low for FedEx) cannot be attributed to any one reason. Surely, the terrible play of the Redskins, combined with the legendarily-horrid game day experience that Snyder provides, and drizzly, shitty weather all had a hand in keeping people home.

Of those fans that chose to attend, a large portion (Rick Snider guessed 20%) chose to wear black as a protest against Dan Snyder and his stewardship over our team for the past ten years.

Anybody paying attention knows the Redskins' front office is in disarray. Every day is like a soap opera. And this Monday, ESPN's Monday Night Football will be here to chronicle the delay-of-game penalties, the safeties, the fumbles and sacks for the whole world to see.

I hope the Redskins win. But through six games, they've given us little reason to think they will, especially against an Eagles team ready to get back in the national conversation. All signs point to total disaster. And as I've said all along, for Redskins fans, this will get tougher before it gets better. But if will never get better as long as Snyder is running the show.

So on Monday, 10/26 the blackout is on. The national spotlight is simply too great an opportunity for us to pass up. On twitter, it's known as #BlackMonday1026.

If you're going to the game, we ask that you wear black. Boycott everything. Snyder counts on home games to make a large portion of his yearly income. It's imperitive we take that revenue stream away. Tailgate, fill your belly, and sneak in snacks and drinks. If you normally park in the Cash Lot, consider Metro instead: the Morgan Blvd. station is very close to the stadium.

If you do wear black, try your best to get on TV. There will be cameras and reporters in the parking lot. Seek them out. Tell them why you're wearing black, that you're sick of Dan Snyder playing fantasy football with your team. Tell them you're going to drop your season tickets.

Imagine Snyder, in his owner's box, looking out at a crowd of screaming fans wearing black. And further, him knowing that each of those fans in black represents one person who is not spending a dime. Powerful.

Another option: Just stay home. He can't get your money if you don't come. And empty seats are also a powerful image.


  1. I want every Redskins fan in the stadium screaming "sell the team" in unison.

    Also, there are a couple of cash lots ($25) that aren't owned by Snyder. They are across from each other at the entrance to Brightseat Rd from Landover Rd.

  2. Love the "Sell the team" chant. I'll have a post about that soon. That's going to sound sweet in 5.1 surround.

  3. Great read as always. I would like to add that if anyone that parks in the cash lots takes the Metro, please use Twitter to Tweetup fellow tailgaters and Tweetgate together. I know everyone makes too much food at majority of tailgates, so keep the revolution going by feeding others.

    Let's all stick together and feed each other if needed before the game to take the revenue away. Remember, not only they will have excess inventory, they also have to pay lots of people to do nothing. It can really be costly to good old Danny boy.

    Go #Burgandyrevolution #FireVinny


  4. Re: "SELL THE TEAM" chant... I am happy to help coordinate via twitter. The current plan (credit to @FireSnyder) is to get representatives from different sections to lead the chant after the FIRST PLAY OF THE SECOND QUARTER. That's a good time because 1) you know TV cameras will be rolling and 2) the traditionally late-arriving crowd will have settled into their seats.

    None of what @BoycottSnyder is trying to achieve can be just accomplished by twitter or this site, though. We need to let people know by other sources -- word of mouth, emails, facebook, local media, and even national media. Anyone who can make it to the Mike and Mike taping at ESPNZone on Monday morning (6am start) has a chance to make a big statement on national TV.

    If you are interested in helping lead the game day chants, please contact me via twitter at @savetheskins.