Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Sell The Team" chant update

@SaveTheSkins posted this in the comments of our Black Monday 10/26 story, but I felt it warranted its own post. Here's the latest on the chant. Chant updates/news can be posted in the comments of this story. I will try and figure a way to post it permanently on the right side ---> Thanks to @SaveTheSkins for your hard work on this - make sure you're following them on Twitter. - BoycottSnyder

I am happy to help coordinate via twitter. The current plan (credit to @FireSnyder) is to get representatives from different sections to lead the chant after the FIRST PLAY OF THE SECOND QUARTER. That's a good time because 1) you know TV cameras will be rolling and 2) the traditionally late-arriving crowd will have settled into their seats.

None of what @BoycottSnyder is trying to achieve can be just accomplished by twitter or this site, though. We need to let people know by other sources -- word of mouth, emails, facebook, local media, and even national media. Anyone who can make it to the Mike and Mike taping at ESPNZone on Monday morning (6am start) has a chance to make a big statement on national TV.

If you are interested in helping lead the game day chants, please contact me via twitter at @savetheskins.


  1. We're with you guys. I'm leading section 439.


  2. I'm leading the chant in section 405.

  3. I wont be attending this game but Im def gonna have my volume turned up ! And Ill be dvr'ing it, if its clear enough I can try and send it to my laptop and upload it. @regionalceleb