Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guest Post: Why I'm giving up my season tix, by @FireSnyder

At the end of this season, I have decided not to renew my season tickets. Many people have recommended this action as the only way to get Snyder's attention. I won't rehash those arguments here except to say that the only way to get Snyder to change his management style or sell the team is by hitting his bottom line.

This blog entry is intended to address the concerns of those who might be worried about giving up their tickets.

One response to our call to give up season tickets is: "Giving up your tickets is pointless because there will always be someone in line to buy your seat." Many years ago, in the Redskins' glory days and for some time after, this would have been true. At one point it was rumored that the waiting list was 40 years long, but today it is a vastly different story. My brother received his tickets after only waiting four years, and that was two years ago. The economy, the large stadium, and the poor play on the field have all combined to further reduce the waiting list to its now negligible length. At some point in the near future, the waiting list will disappear, and Snyder will be forced to sell single game tickets to avoid a blackout. Furthermore, even if it were true that there is a long and robust waiting list, the length of that list is an asset. Reducing the waiting list reduces the value of that asset and lowers the value of the franchise. No matter what, Snyder's wealth will take a hit.

People also have said: "I don't want to lose the chance to see the team in person when they turn things around." It is my belief that the Redskins will never turn it around without a real GM or a new owner. The only way we as fans can try to make that happen is by pressuring Snyder through a boycott. I would rather watch a great Redskins team on TV than sit through a home loss like the one we suffered through against the Chiefs. This brings me to the most important point. Not renewing gives you leverage over the organization. When you have a free three hours to spend, I urge you to browse through the 112 pages of this year's seat upgrade thread at ExtremeSkins. When my renewal notice came last February, it said very clearly that only those fans that renewed on time would be eligible for upgrades. However, as the process dragged on, it became clear that what actually transpired was that those fans who did not renew by the deadline were offered upgrades as an incentive to renew. Furthermore, fans who had given up their tickets, one, two, or even three years before were being called and offered great seats before existing season ticket holders were upgraded. The sad fact is that by not renewing, you make the ticket office more desperate for your money. Why not buy tickets from scalpers for individual games next year - Then when the ticket office calls you in a year to see if you want to get your tickets back, you can make an informed decision based upon Snyder's actions.

I will be happy to go to all the Redskins games next year and scream my head off for our players. But I will be happier knowing that I bought my tickets at half-price from eager sellers on EBay and Craigslist (but not the Snyder-supporting StubHub). This is a sad time for Redskins fans, but it is also an opportunity to take back the franchise that once belonged to its fans. As long as Snyder runs the Redskins like a business, it is our duty to respond like consumers. I look forward to your comments.



  1. Great read.

    Agree that it's imperitive we let our season tickets go. The Wait List (if it even exists anymore) has to eradicated. Yeah, we might get a game or two blacked out. But these are the growing pains that'll be necessary in order to get Snyder out of our lives for good.

    Don't be fooled by a splashy free agent or a famous coach. That is Snyder's annual scam. I wonder how many tickets and jerseys Haynesworth sold.

  2. I keep saying the same thing. Stop buying his beer-- stop buying his tix.

    It is sad that so many Washingtonians still believe that getting in to see this organization in action is a desirable experience. I never got a chance to see the skins play at RFK, but since I have been going to Fedex Field the experience has always been a disappointment.

    The last game I attended-- the Monday night Pittsburgh affair as it is known, or better-still Black Monday, for all of the illegally scalped tickets sold to our opposition with Snyder's full knowledge and approval, only served to punctuate for me exactly how sad Jack would be today to know his beloved Redskins were owned by such a no-class posterior entertainer...