Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today in Burgundy Revolution

The fallout from Black Monday 10/26 continued to rain down on the DC area today. Due to the new sign policy at FedEx Field, loads of signs were confiscated at the gate last night. It's ridiculous that we can't even bring in a D-Fence sign anymore. Or that fans have to sneak-in a Sean Taylor tribute banner.

Worst of all, that a wife of an soldier in Afghanistan's sign had to be thrown in the garbage:

Today, Redskin's COO Dave Donovan was on the Mike Wise show and cleared up some stuff about the sign and t-shirt policies. The Redskins blog transcribed it. (I don't advocate giving them page views, so I'll paste it:)

"The banners, we do have a prohibition against signs and banners in the stadium, and we don't care what they say. We take them down. They get in the way of other people viewing the game, and people get poked in the head -- that stuff happens.

"Our policy regarding messages on T-shirts and other clothing is simple: if it doesn't display profanity, it's fine.."

That's right, people are getting poked in the head at games! That D-Fence I mentioned before? It's really, really pointy folks!

Question. Are there any stadiums in the NFL with more stringent sign rules than FedEx Field? Are we now the NFL's the equivalent of Soviet Russia, where the only signage we can use is State-Approved?

A sign here, a sign there, big deal. By banning and throwing them in the garbage, Snyder has made the story bigger than it ever would have been otherwise. It's just another bone-head mis-step, the latest in a long series of late. He is panicking, let there be no doubt.

You're looking at a portrait of Danny under pressure. And it ain't a pretty picture.

The good news is that it's open-season on T-shirts, so why not grab a Boycott Snyder T? They're not profane and the money goes to Cafe Press, not Snyder.

Or, how about this adorable lil' fella:

Coming Soon: A baby's bib, so your lil' stinker can drool and slobber all over Danny's face.

In other #BurgundyRevolution news, there was some chatter today about needing a new tag on Twitter. #BlackMonday1026 is over. At this point I think it's #BlackSunday every Sunday. And since it's every Sunday, no need for dates anymore. Who's with me?


  1. IMO, sounds too much like "moron fans". Think we've all built a pretty good brand w/ Black Sunday, so I say we keep it going. Lots of people know about it. And I think they generally associate it with anti-Snyder and boycott. Hey, we need a focus group!

  2. I was not at the game, but it's clear that The Dan is going to do anything in his power not to allow fans to get on TV doing anything that makes him look bad. From my perspective, this leaves a few options:

    1. Don't show up -- what could be more embarrassing?

    2. Organized chant that a lot of people participate in -- can they really kick out an entire section for chanting? (The "Sell the Team" chant clearly didn't go off well last night... message simply didn't get out or maybe fans are just too apathetic).

    3. People need to mobilize outside of FedEx Field. There have been some good ideas IMHO the past couple of weeks.

    --People have been putting up anti-FO signs on overpasses in Bethesda and Northern Va. One thought would be to organize people to put a sign on every Beltway overpass on game day, say vs. the Broncos for the next home game. The Dan can't keep people from posting signs outside FedEx grounds can he?

    --Extremeskins has a thread suggesting people do their own "March on Washington." One idea was to lead a group to RFK and protest there on a home game day instead of going to FedEx.

    Anyone with new ideas, please voice them. But the key is that there needs to be some exposure outside of twitter. Many of us "met" there, but the truth is that twitter reaches a miniscule proportion of Redskins fans, and as Dan Steinberg pointed out today, while Revolutionaries are passionate, our influence remains limited.

  3. Totally agree about the overpass signs. Classic guerrilla marketing. It works. People will ignore a billboard but will go out of their way to read a home-made sign.

    And yeah, Twitter's reach is limited. Try and tell your friends about this site, via email, facebook, word of mouth, co-workers etc. I will try and keep doing these round-up stories to keep everyone in the loop.

    Another venue is the media. The problem is, the media can often lose interest. So we have to keep pressing, being more and more visible. The march on the mall is a great idea. So are the beltways signs, all of it.

    Discontent will grow as the season wears on. The trick will be to keep everyone from forgetting in the off-season, as Snyder lands a flashy coach and goes on an un-capped spending spree.

  4. Great work, @BoycottSnyder, as always. Keep it up!

  5. With everyone throwing out idea's think the few of us who talk on a reg. basis show make a quick decision on going with it or not then push the heck out of it. Like we did with the 1st #BlackSunday1016 we got on radio we had press coverage and made many blogs and atleast 2 papers.
    I like the Idea on marching but dont forsee people gathering to do it but maybe a 100 or so, I tihnk many people are more idea's than show. What about one of us setting up a paypal account and get donations to buy a billboard for a week? Im thinking giant billboard with @boycottsnyders logo and then @mrphotogetic say WORST OWNER EVER under it?

    Anyone know of any sign companies up north? Heard its around 1100 a week....

  6. sorry for typo's at work gotta do it quick before boss see's !

  7. Great work! "pointy D fence sign"....LMAO!! Good point, no pun intended.